Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Queen Christine: Making an Ass of You and Me

Well folks, after several months of (thankfully) Queen Christine out of the headlines - probably by orders of Bobo & Co - she finally emerges today with this dire warning to her constituents:

Gregoire says she'll consider tax increase

published in the News Tribune 9/29/09

Gee, are we shocked? At ten months into her second term, I'm surprised she had this much self-control. I figured she'd be going for a tax hike within 90 days.

A QC quote from the same article: “At some point, the people, I assume, don’t want us to make any more cuts,” she said.

"I assume"??? This is a very revealing statement. QUEEN CHRISTINE HAS NO IDEA WHAT THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON 'WANT'. She "assumes"?
Notice to my state senator and representatives: If I EVER hear you saying that you "assume" what the people "want" is the day you lose my support. But, I've lucked out by living in the 2nd LD and my elected officials Sen. Randi Becker, Rep. Tom Campbell and Rep. Jim McCune actually seem to care what "the people" of our district want.

QC is the GOVERNOR. Who the hell does she think put her in office for a second, bloodletting term, the Russians? She "assumes"? Sorry folks, I just can't get past that one. Even her own party has got to be a little disturbed about this. She basically just admitted she doesn't know what they want either.

So, the queen laments cutting education budgets. “I mean, I’m already hearing about, ’Why did you cut education?’ Well, there weren’t any options. We’re without options.” she says. Without options? This statement proves QC and her courtiers - oops I mean staff - can't come up with any options. Wonderful legislature we have, huh.

Another quote in the article from a Rodney Tom, D-Medina, "consumer spending is still not rocking and rolling.” Hey! That's a wonderful reason for a tax hike! We consumers don't have any money to spend, so QC will just steal what little we have left from us instead! Tell me Mr. Tom... are you current on your mortgage in Stuffy Ol' Medina? Can you pay your water and power bills on time? Do you have to put a week's worth of groceries on your credit card like I had to do? Do you have a family and are they well fed? Do you have to eat things like rice and beans for dinner? And since you think the answer is to implement yet another tax on tobacco and alcohol, will you still be able to serve a nice wine at your next dinner party? Cigars for the boys afterwards? A little brandy nightcap, perhaps.

When I first became involved with politics, I was told by half a dozen people that I should "slow down" my enthusiasm lest I burn out and quit. That was five years ago. As an American that believes the Constitution is the second most amazing, intelligent and inspiring document ever written (the Bible being the first, of course), I will not quit. I am far from burned out. I have a voice. A genetically LOUD voice, both written and spoken. I know it, and I use it. I have to. I'm compelled to speak up and 'rage against the machine'.

Somebody has to.

Take good care everybody. God Bless America.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My ears are ringing and my eyes are crossed, but I managed to sit through Bobo's speech tonight. I'm glad I did, because it was the funniest thing I've seen on TV all week!

A large group of the Republicans were acting up, the bad boys that they are. One guy had crafted a sign out of his notebook paper that simply said B U L L . Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. If anybody knows who that guy is, please let me know! I want to send him a fan letter. Those sitting with him either held up their 1000 page-plus HR3200's or their own hand made signs.

After 30 minutes of Bobo lecturing we peons about the history of health care in 1935, he finally got to his sales pitch oops I mean specifics of his plan. The only "specific" I could understand was the part where he admitted that every single American will be "required to carry proof of health care insurance much like most states require auto insurance". How do you like that one, people? Isn't he sweet? What if you never get sick? Will the Health Care Czar come to your house and whack you on the knee so you can whip out yet another government issued ID card to prove you exist? How the heck do you regulate something like that? He attempted to "right some wrongs" that were being reported about HR3200, like the clause for free care for illegal aliens. Yes, he actually said ALIENS. Whoa! Isn't that racist? It was when George Bush said it. Anyway, that earned him a huge BOO and calls out of "Lies!" and "BS!" from the troublesome Republicans (bad boys that they are). Another LOL moment!

Ol' Swivel Neck lapsed into what sounded like yet another eulogy for Ted Kennedy, then switched to reverand. I thought he was going to recite the whole "I have a dream" speech for a minute there, substituting MLK's famous words with "I believe ..."! He scolded the Republicans specifically for not bringing him "something serious" for ideas on the health care plan and they are bad boys and girls for doing nothing - but trying to stop the bill entirely. DUH. He tried to be authoritative looking and even did the Podium Fist Pound and Pursed Lips to express his displeasure with the rogue Republicans. Problem is, while he attempted to talk to the audacious hoodlums directly, he continued to swivel his neck left and right. He finally caught himself and had to reposition his body so he wasn't appearing to bitch out the whole congress. The camera panned to the disruptive Republicans to get their reaction to the verbal spanking their president was dishing out. Several were snickering or dare I say - did I see a couple of them suddenly have to scratch their nose with their middle finger?

And what's this business of calling his own party's peeps "Progressive Friends" instead of Democrats? Hmm - do I recall the petty crap the D's were flinging around last year and in 2004 about the R's also calling themselves the GOP in order to "confuse" the voters?

In the end, there was something very satisfying about watching Bobo squirm tonight. I know some of you think I'm too hard on the guy, but no matter how I try, I can't come up with one positive thing to say about him. Okay, I didn't try that hard. But I do know I have zero respect for both him and his wife.

They say history repeats itself, and I am beginning to buy into the idea of a second revolution. Why not? We Americans seem to fight all of our wars in twos: World War twice, Southeast Asia twice (Korea and Vietnam), and Iraq twice. I pray every night that if we have to be stuck with Bobo, that he will just SHUT UP, stop trying to be a celebrity and tough guy, get the heck off my TV and out of my newspaper, and GET TO WORK.

Thank you God for making me an American. Regardless of our troubles right now, the USA is still and always will be the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet Bruiser, My New Roommate

Bruiser is no longer a virgin. I got his first shot off at 11:00 a.m. today. He kicked the crap outta me too, causing bruising and a wrenched back - but I asked for it!

Bruiser is my new 12ga pump action 500 Persuador shotgun (remember, I told you I was going to get one after that weirdo leftie sent me that creepy letter). I've had Bruiser for over a month now, but didn't want to mention it until I knew how to handle him safely.

I made several phone calls to rifle clubs and gun dealers, and found that there are plenty of safety/shooting classes available for handguns and rifles but none for shotguns specifically. I called the Pierce County Sheriff's office and a desk sergeant referred me to Sumner Sportsman's Association in Alderton, which is a shotgun-only club.

I googled SSA's website and there on the front page was an announcement for a Ladies Only Shotgun Clinic to be held in late August, an event they hold just once a year. What perfect timing and location! And affordable too at just $40 for the day, which included breakfast, lunch, ammo and clay disk targets. Knowing that my friend Senator Randi Becker is an outdoorswoman, I called her right away to see if she wanted to join me for the clinic. Randi wanted a shotgun refresher for her own 12ga pump, and I had the virgin Bruiser, so it worked out really well that we register to go together.

Now mind you, I was just as much a "gun virgin" as Bruiser. I haven't fired a gun of any kind in more than 25 years. I didn't remember what a recoil kick felt like. In anticipation of the upcoming clinic, I did some research on the net and discovered through a chatroom I accidentally fell into, that my model shotgun was known for it's hard kickback. I started to get a little nervous about actually firing Bruiser and promptly stashed him out of my site (pun intended) and didn't look at him again until this morning, three weeks later.

I've never been fond of the way Bruiser looks. He's pure black, no decoration whatsoever, and looks like a machine gun to me. But he makes that AWESOME and undeniably frightening click-CACHUNK action sound loud and clear which is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a home-security gun and that's what I got.

And so, I was surprised when Randi and I entered the clubhouse and all the guns in the racks, including Randi's, seemed not only smaller than mine, but had beautiful wood stocks - some with silver inlay. I didn't know there was a difference between home-security shotguns and hunting or trap shooting guns. The instructors looked at Bruiser and told me that he wouldn't do very well on the trap shoot. Bruiser was made for home protection - a bigger barrell, wider shot pattern, lots of big bang. They offered me a different gun to use on the traps but I was there to shoot Bruiser.

The first time I pulled his trigger it was, to say the least, a surprise. I didn't have the butt pulled in to my shoulder real tight (I know, novice error) and that SOB kicked me in the shoulder like a Clydesdale.

"OUCH!" I think my yelling was louder than the shotgun. It did hurt, but I think I was more startled than anything. I tried one of the instructor's break-open guns, but when I went to pull the trigger it didn't move. After the instructor looked at the gun, I tried again. Same thing. She had given me a broken gun! I tried a second break-open, decided it probably didn't kick any less than Bruiser, (actually it was a lot less) and opted to go back to my own gun. For some reason I didn't like shooting the break-open gun, even though I think they look cool.

Twice with Bruiser I made the mistake of tensing or twisting and momentarily wrenched my back and ribs. It seemed like the kickbacks were becoming more powerful with each shot. We had completed 20 rounds and I was getting tired - and sore! But I persevered with Bruiser, and actually hit two moving clay targets! It was very empowering, especially since I had the "wrong" gun for the class and I don't have real good depth perception.

Randi blasted her very first target. She had a few more hits, but we rookies & rusties were overshadowed by several women there that are professional trap shooters. It was incredible watching them, and very inspiring. Then there was little twelve year old Alexis, who started out with a smaller guage gun. She wasn't hitting the targets at first. During the afternoon session, the instructors gave Alexis a bigger gun (maybe a 16ga? not sure) and that girl hit nearly EVERY SINGLE TARGET except maybe three. At 12 years old, she's ready for a 12ga.!

At the end of the day, I came away with a small bruise below my shoulder and some muscles are beginning to stiffen up, but I saw worse battlescars on some of the other women with the slightly milder guns. I'm proud of myself for sticking with Bruiser, big, bad,ugly and loud as he is. We are well acquainted now, and I'm not afraid of him anymore. He's ready to do his job, but I'm the boss.

* * * * * * * * * *
Thanks so much to instructors Deby and Sunny from the SSA, Randi Becker for attending with me, and all the other participants of the clinic. It was an interesting day indeed.
* * * * * * * * * *
Everyone please remember to take a moment on Friday, September 11th, to honor the victims and rescue workers of the terrorist attacks in 2001. We Must NEVER Forget.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bobocare: Health Care Plan or Genocide?

Dear fellow common sense driven Americans (this is a non-partisan message!):

The Bobo & Co health care "plan" is perhaps the most frightening document I've ever read - other than what I learned about the Holocaust in school (yes, they actually taught History in the 1970's).

Congressman Dave Reichert confirmed the ugliest of the "rumors" about Bobocare during his tele-town hall meeting this afternoon. Dave was fully informed and helpful to those who called in. Afterward, I read a "short" synopsis of the 1,017 page bill. A sampling of some of the most disturbing contents of the bill as written:

Page 42: The new "Health Choices Commissioner" (they finally wised up and dropped the "czar" crap, just to make it sound more friendly I guess) will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice.

Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with FREE healthcare services.

Page 58: Every person will be issued a National ID Healthcard. Since there appears to be caps on benefits and rationing of services written into the bill as well, my suspicion is this ID Healthcard will serve as your "debit card" with a set limit, and once you're over that limit - too bad. Better sign up for the end-of-life counseling which I would bet - is free.

Page 59: The federal government will have DIRECT, REAL TIME ACCESS TO ALL INDIVIDUAL BANK ACCOUNTS FOR ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER. Again, my suspicion is that the ID card will also serve as a debit card, to ensure the government that you pay your fair share, even though it's an equal plan for all. And if you don't have the credits on your card, I guess they just take your naked, broke AND broken, sorry butt out to a field for large birds to feed on. Problem solved. Until of course, you have surviving family members who will have to use the credits on their own Healthcards to cremate your corpse. If you have the audacity to have a semi-serious accident and require limb reattachment or even stitches in your scalp, your whole year's "ration" may be used up, even though it's only February. God forbid you catch the flu in March. Better get out Granny's home remedy cookbook. That may be the most sophisticated medical advice you will get - for the rest of your government-granted life.

Page 95: The government will pay ACORN and Americorps to 'sign up' individuals for the government run Boboplan. WHAT? ACORN? ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME? What shall we call them, the LEFT NUT CZARS?

Page 167: Any individual who doesn't have acceptable healthcare - according to government standards - will be taxed 2.5% of their income. This is in addition to your personally paid premiums to keep the insurance company of your choice, that is too good to be on the approved providers list.

Page 170: Any non-resident alien is exempt from individual taxes. This policy alone should be enough for every American citizen to stand up and scream like smashed cats.

Page 195: BIG WARNING ON THIS ONE, I think it's illegal, we need to look into it.
Officers AND employees of Government Healthcare Bureaucracy will have access to ALL American financial and personal records. What the hell does that mean? Hundreds if not thousands of strangers peeking into our bank accounts and medical files? Hey BOBO. EVER HEAR OF I.D. THEFT??? Don't we already have laws in place to protect our confidential medical records? Are you really that interested in Bobbi Sue's ovarian cysts, or Billy Bob's rectal cancer? And should we just trust your Left Nut Czar beer buddies from ACORN with access to what's left of our life savings and privacy? (p.s. I cracked up when I realized the initials for this "bureaucracy" is GHB... isn't that a "date rape" drug? Maybe when they warned us to bend over they weren't kidding.)

Page 203: The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax. In other words, no tax deductions, no refunds. The boneheaded committee member that came up with this wording needs to be FORCED TO RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. Somebody please let me know who it is.

Bottom Line:

This is NOT just an ambitious attempt to socialize health care. This document reads like a dictator's plan, a manifesto planning genocide and absolute control. Pages 425 through 430 horrifically outline a frightening, carefully detailed, government controlled plan to decide who should live, and who should die. Doesn't matter if you, #123-45-6789, need a kidney transplant and your neice has already volunteered to be a donor, if you are 70 you could be judged too old to be a productive citizen (probably by a paid member of ACORN) and you could be ORDERED to say buh-bye, you only have 15 years or so left anyway, and be sent to live out your last days in some scummy government run hospice that will turn a profit by expediting your death.

So what better way to control the people than to promise them pain, disease, poverty, mandatory "consultations" about euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide at age 65? People don't want to die; but as proven in Jonestown, they will do whatever their "leader" tells them to do if they're scared enough - including suicide.

Erika, I'm so afraid you are right. It does seem like 1933 Germany all over again. However, this time we're smarter. We will NOT allow history to repeat itself - not on our soil.

But, I'm encouraged by the uprising of the grassroots! It's fun to watch Bobo, Pelosi and Spechter squirm and step in their own spit. This "administration" likes to brag about all the "firsts..." and the history they are making. I agree. They're making history all right... they managed in seven short months to break every campaign promise, divide congress and the people rather than bring us together, stir up race issues long since on the mend; preach "green" and then jet around the world on OUR MONEY for what appears to be campaign tours; Bobo actually apologized to our enemies for the sins of being the United States of America - a country like no other on God's beautiful earth. I'm so happy The People are waking up so quickly. A little - or a lot - of Bobo remorse is going to go a long way.

As for me - I want his butt impeached, tried, convicted, and thrown in prison with Madoff and all the rest of the scammers and frauds. Then the government should take Bobo's accrued and future wages for the rest of his term, along with his questionable personal bank account, and divide that up equally between us taxpayers for a little extra "stimulus".

Everyone please take good care of yourselves & your families. Keep speaking out, and keep praying - it's working!



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've Attracted a Crazy Liberal Stalker... Am I Now an Official RWE?

Happy Hot Days fellow R's!

I'm pretty sure I have been officially identified by the Left as a RWE - Right Wing Extremist.

Apparently my latest LTE really stirred up some crap and pissed off at least one person something awful. I thought it was one of my tamer letters. Although several regular lefties posted their typical responses to my letters, there were also several that complimented me in some form (a welcome surprise - maybe some of these people do understand the First Amendment). It is difficult for some of these posters stay on track and next thing you know they're back trashing GWB and how evil he was, and blaming me for it. One self-admitted non-fan even encouraged me to keep writing because he thinks I have a "flair for words" and "enjoyed" reading my letters. Now THAT is what democracy is all about. Talk first. Listen. Compare policies. Of course we are not all going to agree in congress. But I still hold out hope that somehow, some way, we can find honest leaders of both parties that check their egos at the door and take a vow of compromise.

Yesterday, when it was still over 80 degrees in my back yard at 10:00 pm, I was busy trying to finish a yard project when I remembered I hadn't picked up my mail yet. Imagine my surprise when there was notice from my mail-lady that I owed her $0.43 for "postage due" for a letter that was in my mailbox.

Sure enough, there was a legal sized envelope in my mail that was addressed boldly to:
WENDY LAKE. GRAHAM WA. 98338. No return address, no street address for me, and a one cent stamp on it. Inside was a three page, handwritten letter (all in printed caps) berating me for being a Republican and admitting it. Here is an excerpt of the first paragraph:

"Your letter to the editor only reaffirms your ignorance and sycophant allegiance to a Republican Party that is not only corrupt, but despised by the majority of the American Public".

Hmm... not just anyone can use, let alone spell, "sycophant" in their postings but there is at least one regular poster that uses the term frequently.

The next paragraph reads:

"We had a fascist gov't (sic) for eight yrs (sic) installed by a right wing Supreme Court".

This weirdo goes on for three full hand-written pages. He even enclosed a cut-out from what looks to be a magazine about Pat Robertson (stapled on the right side... hmmm... could we be looking for a real leftie?) This person also included a photocopied article on the state of California and their budget failure. Huh? Like I care what's going on in California right now?

Of course, this coward didn't sign his name - not even his cute little "handle" used on the online comments forum, which I suspect he changes frequently.

Needless to say, if this person wanted to freak me out, he succeeded enough in that I reported it to the Sheriff's Department. I have a case number and I have a list of three regular posters that I suspect. The wording and other elements of this letter should help me to pinpoint who it is, and I intend to expose them. I'm working with the PCSD and my postmaster to resolve the problem.

I pray for this person and hope he knows that the letter made its way to me somehow and to never do it again (the fact it got to me without an address or postage really should give you a clue that I'm well known in my community - and they've got my back). Putting a letter like that through the mail - especially with postage due - doesn't accomplish a thing and you aren't going to change my mind, so why risk a stalking charge and jail time over something as basic as freedom of speech, and dare I say, differences of opinion? By the way, did you know that this letter can easily be traced due to the bar codes imprinted on the envelope after processing?

I am NOT an elected politician. There is not much I can do for you anyway. I was elected to be the representative (PCO) of the Pierce County Republican Party in my precinct. Period. TOTALLY PARTISAN. I've never, ever tried to hide my party affiliation or loyalty. I'm a little disturbed that you felt the urge to hand write a letter to me, and in such a manner - to a woman you don't even know (remember Thelma and Louise?) - and not have the stones to simply identify yourself. What a coward. But not to mind, the Sheriff's Department is fully informed. My dog is fully loaded - 65+ pounds with lots of healthy teeth and a VERY protective attitude.

It all makes me very sad. I'm beginning to think Bobo had better direct his teleprompter writers to remind Americans that he is also half "white", produce the dang birth certificate and otherwise keep his big mouth shut.

That's all I can stand for now.

Take good care, and please God bless America and all Americans.

Breezie (Wendy L.)

BTW: I've finally decided what I need to do with my tax return. I'm going shotgun shopping tomorrow.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

My latest letter to the editor finally succeeded in pissing off at least one dipdog* to the point of personal attack! And the surprise is, one of the liberal regulars that usually slams me actually stood up for my right to freedom of speech!

Here's the letter, published in today's paper:

Why is Barack Obama so angry?
I tried to watch Obama’s press conference on health care reform, but all I could hear was an angry, defensive voice that got louder as he spoke. All I could see was the scowl on his face and his eyes moving rapidly back and forth while reading his teleprompter. I saw him angrily pounding his fist on the lectern many times. I had to turn my television off after just 15 minutes.
As an American, I take offense at the tone of Obama’s speech and his defensive attitude. I do not appreciate being lectured, hollered at or scolded by any politician. I do not appreciate a politician – especially one who claims to be the president – displaying his temper and apparent violent tendencies on national television.
Obama and his administration are obviously spinning out of control. A confident leader doesn’t need to resort to harsh words or angry gestures to get the point across – unless of course, he has something to hide.

And here are some of the comments posted online:

Wendy, they don't call you folks Graham Crackers for no reason.
What the hell does that mean? I've heard the term before, but when I asked this person whether Graham Cracker was a racial slur, he suddenly went offline. Hmmm.

Ah, classic Wendy Lake bias. I remember her letters from the Bush years.
I really liked this one, especially since I didn't come to politics until 2004. And I don't recall writing any LTE's about GW.

Wendy routinely refers to President Obama as Bobo. It's hard to view her letter as being objective. Overly dramatic, yes.
This guy is obviously a fan of mine, or he wouldn't remember what I call the fraud in the White House. Of course I'm bias! I'm a REPUBLICAN.

From the same person as above:
This letter tries to raise suspicions about motives that don't exist. I watched the same thing that Wendy did and saw no such display of anger.

And my personal favorite:

I am so tired of Wendy Lake. The problem with Wendy Lake is that she has nothing positive to say about this administration which shows her bias. I would say the same thing about someone who criticized Bush about every little nuance. I am so tired of looking at the paper and seeing Wendy Lake - Graham. I appreciate someone who has an opinion that is articulate and well thought out and not one that simply attacks. For Wendy, to attack Barack Obama because she sees him as angry is playing on sterotypes and she should be ashamed, but she is not because she thinks she is helping. She is not. So Wendy do us a favor. SHUT UP. You hurt this country far more then you help it. GO AWAY WENDY LAKE.
If this person aimed to offend me, they are way off the mark. My first thought was, damn! I'm famous! My second thought was, mission accomplished! I managed to really get under this dipdog's skin! YAY!

But even more surprising was this post by the same guy that labeled me "overly dramatic":
Wendy Lake has every right to express her opinion; like it or not.

Isn't that great!

And lastly, this comment:
Not your best work, Wendy...
and right after that, by the same person:
PS - keep writing!

I'll do that Denis. Look for my next letter in about 30 days.

God Bless America, and ALL Americans! Sorry Bobo... this obviously does not include you.

*Dipdog is a classic "Wendyism"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Go Sarah!

When I first read that Sarah Palin suddenly resigned, I was only mildly surprised. My first thought was, ain't no way she'll ever be elected president - at least not in 2012 - but what a great lobbyist she could be for energy independence!

Sarah apparently resigned in large part to protect the citizens of Alaska. Her office had been bombarded with so many "ethics" complaints (all of which have been dismissed) that it cost the taxpayers at least TWO MILLION so far just to handle the paperwork. At that point, being a sensible woman, she did what was right for Alaska. It wasn't her own state that launched all these personal bombs, but the entire opposition nationwide. And of course, they play dirty. The current "administration" demands privacy for his own family, but has no problem authorizing his puppetmasters to attack Sarah's family. Sarah's children - and husband - have been scrutinized, insulted, judged, and disprespected by the mainstream media in ways that are shockingly low-blow, even for the liberals.

From what I've observed of Sarah Palin is that she seems so REAL. She invited reporters into her home, fixed them dinner, and allowed them to record her private, daily interactions with her very-normal family. By the time these "interviews" go to air, the media abuses these very generous interviews by branding her a ditz and exploiting her minor daughter's very personal, private life situation. These brainless, heartless jerks even accused Sarah of faking her own pregnancy to cover for her daughter - and then blaming Sarah for her son's Down's Syndrome. STUPID QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do ya think a candidate's kids, especially minor children are fair play to create a scandal? Should the children be mentioned at all unless they are over 18 and actively working on the campaign? Do ya think the fact that Sarah Palin was an expectant mother (woman) while in office should have been an issue at all, other than a celebration of the birth of her son? I don't believe Sarah's resignation as governor wasn't well thought out . I think she is protecting her family. She still has three young children to raise. I like that she is putting her family first. It proves she has values and practices them. But don't count her out yet.

Sarah Palin is my role model. She is so smart, and thoroughly GOP. I want her to become the most powerful lobbyist for energy independence and IMMEDIATE drilling in Alaska. Her power will eclipse Bobo and she'll make way more money than him! Sarah Palin is one of the best people to come along in the GOP for a long time. We, as Republicans, need to use her common sense leadership and ability to carefully listen to her constituents as a template for the future of the Republican Party.

Like it or not - and the "old school" does not - Sarah Palin is not going away any time soon.

GO SARAH!!! You don't have to be president to be the most powerful woman in the USA!

God Bless America, and ALL Americans!